Tested Technology - Ready to Go

Integrated Product Reincarnation Technology™ is an innovative, very well tested, two-stage process for transforming waste into goods. “Partial reincarnation” or “Complete reincarnation” can be executed. By getting input materials for low price, and by selling HQ products for a market price, Project Phoenix8 is very profitable. The technology was built and well tested by long term endurance tests and set to run for the next decades at least, with no major adjustments. In last decade of developing and testing we financed and successfully finished three development stages, see below links for photos. For more details, see PP8 WP.

More, see below in short: successful finished Alpha, Beta and Final-Industrial scale PP8 technology R&D (2009-2019)

Technology Requirements

(PRT™) basic requirements are not easy to achieve for most companies because the process has to contribute to a lower CO2 impact confirmed by Life Cycle Assessment. These must be achieved by: (1) Zero waste; (2) No environmental emissions; (3) >85% energy balance utilization; (4) >98% economic utilization; (5) Silent process <60dB; (6) Self-sufficient support; (7) Positive and pleasant visual impact (no junk-like storage); (8) Data verification of exit products by a licensed authority. For more details, see PP8 WP.

More, Academia.edu, Stanford, Washington Herald

Competition by Technology

Among all solution providers, Project Phoenix8 with PRT™ inside is the leader. This assures not only the biggest profits, quicker return of investment, and lower investment risk, but also project growth and expansion. With five patents and zero-emission technology, PP8 declares the future model of waste management. For more details, see PP8 WP.

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Competition by Final Products

The quality of PRT™ processed diesel fuel has been evaluated by the best certification organization from Switzerland, Bureau Veritas. The product is suitable for modern EURO 6 electric generator sets, fuel type EN 590, and at the same time even “greener” then competitive fossil fuel, as well. For more details, see PP8 WP.

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The blueprints for the facility, layout of departments, and other required details are represented below. It is well prepared, suitable for all markets and mass expansion. For more details, see PP8 WP.