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Despite big plans for a better future, many global problems remain unsolved:

  • accumulation of waste,
  • expensive energy that pollutes the planet,
  • expensive production of high-quality food,
  • enormous costs of living,
  • ineffective and expensive transportation,
  • expensive medical care and outdated treatments.

Besides other troubles, these problems increase greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming.

There are no strategically advanced technologies that would help reduce CO2 globally and effectively–despite the massive desire and various ideas. Global warming is currently tackling with rather inefficient technologies; the level of energy balance is 20-45%.

The other thing to consider is the lifestyle of each individual. Politicians and environmental activists suggest that we should change our approach: ride bikes more often, use less energy, buy fewer goods, and similar.

Unfortunately, the trend of green living is not strong enough yet to overcome the basic personal motivations: the desire for unique identity, for standing out from others, for personal affirmation, for status symbols, and similar.

Statistics show that neither the younger nor the older generation wants to give up luxury goods–as they are proof of personal growth, social status, and general progress.

Consequently, we cannot expect that individuals will be the ones to stop global warming by reduced consumption and radical lifestyle changes. People will, like it or not, continue to live the lifestyles that support their identities.

To solve the problem, we would need:

  • new technologies,
  • new green standards for the zero-emission industry,
  • an advanced solution that would solve several problems at the same time,
  • better connectivity, stronger movements, raised awareness,
  • an ecosystem that would have a positive impact on the family budget, while actively lowering CO2 levels,
  • allowing people to maintain their lifestyles while simultaneously contributing to the preservation of the planet.

An example of an effective solution in the field of waste would be a green technology that eliminates waste and generates energy from it, at high efficiency and without emissions. It makes a big profit and generates a passive income for supporters as well. The system should also actively monitor the removal of CO2 from the environment and distribute its financial gain among supporters. Thus, in addition to earning money, people would spread the word and contribute to global and personal CO2 neutrality.


If we wanted long-term environmental progress, we would need to think out of the box. Above all, we should be aware of what the global community wants and needs, what bothers people, and what they look for.

Over the past eleven years, we have developed, launched, tested, and certified the first two special and exclusive technologies. They are special because they ecologically decompose waste, without any emissions. As an alternative and very efficient source of energy, they also contribute to the reduction of CO2. And they are exclusive because the only way to support them would be via our new ecosystem. (More about that below.)

In the following years, our other projects–which are currently in the development phase–will follow: accommodation, transport, medicine, food, and similar. We have also started negotiations with external companies that offer effective solutions to key problems, meet strict criteria of excellence, and are in the pre-stage of global expansion.

All these technologies perform beautifully individually. However, they provide the most, best, and fastest benefits when they unite, operate toward the common goal, and are supported by as many green-life advocates as possible. (Who, ideally, are rewarded for their support.)

This is exactly what we did. We have developed a special platform: an industrial exchange that operates on the principles of the auction. Why is it so special? First, it will operate at a much higher ethical level than traditional or digital stock exchanges. Anyone who has money can participate in the latter. However, what they offer to people and what problems they actually solve remain less important.

Secondly, our industrial exchange will support proven, green, economically viable projects exclusively. The ones that solve key problems and add the highest value to society. They will need to produce superior products which have already been accepted by the market and will be in demand for at least a few more decades.

For that purpose, we have designed stringent environmental standards. We have developed innovative mathematical models that calculate and show the precise prices of the output products, as well as global and personal environmental-coherence factors, clearly and transparently. We have put it all together in an innovative, modern, and secure digital format.

To take a step into the future–and because every vote counts–we have also developed an environmental movement. A fair platform that unites people in endeavors for a cleaner environment and prosperity. It is different, operates at a higher level, and is extremely user-friendly. This movement offers supporters two benefits: an immediate financial gain and an effective contribution to nature conservation without active physical involvement.

At the same time, we support all environmental and related movements that are striving for a better future.


On our new platform, for the first time in history, people can exchange their energy for a reward. For the effort invested, they earn specially developed Industrial Tokens™ they can hold or sell. So supporters get paid for even the smallest contribution to the preservation of the planet–sending “good vibes” to others.

Thus, we have created a special synergy between selected, advanced green technologies and supporters who simultaneously maintain and strengthen the environmental mentality, make a profit, associate with like-minded people, and actively reduce CO2 gas.

Here is how all of these come together. Exclusive green technologies are the “engine” of operation. The industrial exchange platform is the “heart”, and the movement is the “booster” of the ecosystem. They operate together coherently while keeping society’s lifestyle untouched.

This innovative, specially designed, and integrated ecosystem provides easy access and real-time transactions. A fair play on a whole new level.


Our new ecosystem offers many innovative, new solutions:

  • Two turn-key, advanced technologies that transform wastes into green energy, without emissions, create carbon footprint neutrality, and bring a high added value for at least the next fifty years.
  • The all-newly designed online exchange platform that enables people to participate in reshaping the industry, causing environmental sustainability, and making passive income on the way.
  • The all-newly designed unique e-voucher in a form of Industrial Token™ (iTo™). Its core value is based on output products’ market value and CO2 reduction value (excluding the supply and demand factor).
  • The all-newly designed vault for keeping Industrial Tokens™.
  • The all-newly designed global warming reduction mechanism.
  • The all-newly designed global movement platform to help people getting the planet back to a healthy balance, participate with “a good vibe”, and be rewarded in a smart way.


We are a team dedicated to a brighter future, nature, technology, and people. With more than twenty-five years of experience in the industry, we cover almost all technological fields with rich, practical experience in several industries. Accustomed to hard and responsible work, with the desire to contribute to a better future with our knowledge, energy, and experiences.

We have been monitoring the most promising industries and projects for more than two decades. We know how to support, develop and launch them. Our founder–an internationally recognized visionary, entrepreneur, technology enthusiast, and environmentalist–guides, helps, and inspires us with a special focus on achieving big goals.