Industrial Token™ Functionality

The heart of the Themis ecosystem™ is a special, entirely newly designed, auction-based exchange platform called Online Industrial Exchange™, or OIX™. This is the platform where green projects – like PP8 – are listed, via innovative Industrial Tokens™ (iTo™ PP8), and in compliance with very strict standards. It’s the online platform where participants can follow, in addition to both environmental factors, the price of the Industrial Tokens™ in US dollars, buy and sell them.

Special economic algorithms of Online Industrial Exchange™ show the price of iTo™ PP8 via micro and macro-economic values according to the project outputs and its environmental impact factors. All processes are working coherently and simultaneously. The results are shown in the Environmental & Community Goals section.


The required conditions for Industrial Token™ are: the projects must be based on tangible and highly valued technologies, must be autonomous and must be in high demand (AI, green energy, wastes, housing, food, pharmaceutics, IT, etc.). That way, iTos™ are very suitable for all industries with high added value, assuring them long-term (25 years), stable, and predictable business. Project Phoenix8™ and iTo™ PP8 satisfy all criteria and are entirely intended as a safe and industrially supported project. For more details, see PP8 WP.


iTo™ PP8 supply volume: 285,714,286, utility type. Estimated economic value of one iTo™ PP8 within a short term – 10 years plan –  and long term – 25 years plan – is evaluated. For more details, see PP8 WP.


OIX™ environmental algorithms also express the environmental impact via newly designed, innovative Global Cause-Effect Environmental Coherence Overview™ represented in the Environmental & Community Goals section. It represents the real value of greenhouse CO2 gas reduction on a global and personal level by two factors:
• Global Environmental Coherence factor™,
• Personal Environmental Coherence factor™.

For more details, see PP8 WP.


Industrial Token™ market is a complex market. Industrial Token™ price is mostly driven by supply and demand for Industrial Tokens™ at a specific time. Current market price does not usually reflect the intrinsic value of a specific Industrial Token™ (iTo™). Market price could be much lower or much higher than the iTo’s intrinsic value.

However, the intrinsic value of PP8 Industrial Token™ will be driven by two strong factors:
• Project Phoenix8™ will produce high profits in real business (secondary/manufacturing sector);
• ProjectPhoenix8™ will allocate 30% of each year’s net profit into iTo™ PP8 repurchase. For more details, see PP8 WP.


Project Phoenix8™ will generate profit equal to 602 USD per ton of inputted tires or 450 USD per ton of inputted waste plastic. Organic expansion to 300 tons/day/process line will be achieved in first business year, with another plant installed. After that, progressive expansion to 6.800 tons of used tires and 8.000 tons of waste plastic per day will be executed (see table below), generating 1,233 million USD (1.233 billion) in the 12th fiscal year after project launching. For more details, see PP8 WP.


70% of each year’s profit will be invested for business expansion and investments; 30% of each year’s profit will be reserved for iTo™ PP8 repurchase. However, token repurchase will start after year three of full operation because company growth, as planned, will require profit accumulation and intense investments. For more details, see PP8 WP.