Technology and PP8 Support

Project Phoenix8™ (PP8™) is a well-prepared project with solid background. It relies on strong practical, scientific, financial, environmental and mainstream-business facts. Integrated technology called Product Reincarnation Technology™ transforms worn out products (wastes) into electricity, or even into new original products. 

The PP8 system represents an alternative energy source. Therefore, according to the LCA analysis, reduces environmentally harmful CO2 gas. That is why the project assures long sustainability, high added value to an environment, community, and contributes to a more predictable micro and macroeconomy. For more details, see PP8 WP.

Global Ecology and Trends

Most of the countries in the EU and the USA are under pressure to reduce their portion of non-recovered or unrecycled wastes. Project Phoenix8™ (PP8™) solves this problem for them. For more details, see PP8 WP. For more details, see PP8 WP.


Vast existing stocks of scrap plastic materials and used tires will have to be recycled or degraded somehow. Supply of inputs is therefore almost unlimited. We consume more fuel and electricity than we can produce ourselves. Import – or new energy creation – is, therefore, a must. For more details, see PP8 WP.

With an almost unlimited supply of scrap plastic materials and high demand for electricity, there is no problem satisfying the market´s needs. But the most important fact is that long-term contracts with suppliers and buyers are already agreed. For more details, see PP8 WP.


After ten years of testing and improving, our team perfected a special process of transforming used products – like discarded scrap plastics, used tires, etc. – into sellable goods. For more details, see PP8 WP.