During the world´s lockdown, we were working hard on the PP8 project. For quite some time, we had some hesitations regarding existing solutions on the market. We contacted some of the best experts to find better ways. As a result, we reshaped the industry–again–and improved some key elements of the project. By doing that, we drastically raised the overall value of the project – which is amazing news for investors. Thank you again for being with us!

We will introduce all the most important improvements in five separate announcements.

Announcement no. 1: CO2 Footprints, global warming, and global interstate business

On February 16th, 2005, 141 countries–first a European Union and then others as well–signed up a special contract, based on the so-called “Kyoto Protocol”, to reduce global warming. With that platform, regional and local government services have been given a mechanism for an effective, targeted and, above all, global fight against the polluter, the greenhouse gas CO2 (carbon dioxide).

The main outcome of the platform is the introduction of primary, secondary, and the voluntary market for CO2 coupons.

The system works by setting countries a certain total allowable amount of CO2 per year. If the country exceeds this limit, it must pay penalties. This is done by purchasing CO2 certificates on the primary market. That is, for the excess amount of CO2 the country is forced to buy certificates.

For each ton exceeded, the country must buy one certificate for $25.

To force countries to reduce CO2 pollution, they are offered two options. They can pay penalties (that is, buy certificates) or improve their environmental approach–by investing in green sustainable projects, green jobs, etc.–and thereby reduce the total amount of CO2.

The Kyoto Protocol has proven to be effective in recent years. Signatory countries have begun to effectively reduce CO2 emissions, increase local green projects, introduce alternative energy sources, shut down major pollutants, and so on.

The standard procedure to evaluate the CO2 footprint is called LCA (Life Cycle Assessment).

Renewable and Sustainable Project PP8 becomes even more valuable, thanks to the increased value of PP8 token due to heavily reducing global carbon footprint, while token-holder becomes carbon footprint neutral

We have completed an additional evaluation of the amount of carbon footprint. The LCA analysis for the standard PP8 plant reveals that PP8 reduces CO2 neutrality in the global environment by 50,000 tons/year. With the expansion of the project included, CO2 neutrality increases to 3 million tons of CO2 per year.

According to the mechanisms of the Kyoto Agreement, PP8 is one of the alternative sustainable green technology projects and thus can issue CO2 coupons on the secondary market.

According to the market prices, the trend over the next 20 years, the primary and secondary market occurrence, and taking into account global policy, the added value was estimated at 0.17 kg CO2 per PP8 token, taking into consideration the original plant. After the expansion of the PP8, the added value increases to 41.10 kg per PP8 token.

The expansion is planned as placing a plant among already existing larger industrial plants. The latter are now forced to buy “penalty” CO2 coupons on the primary market.

If the industrial plant is connected to environmentally-friendly alternative energy from PP8, penalties are proportionally reduced due to the “CO2 negative” environment that PP8 creates.

In that situation, PP8´s CO2 coupons are now drastically more valuable, due to the direct impact from the primary market where the price of the CO2 coupons is 5-times higher ($25 US) than on the secondary market ($5 US). 

The price of the primary market´s CO2 coupons is procedurally transferred to the total value of the PP8 project and consequently to the PP8 token.

After noticing this hugely increased value of the PP8 project, we recognized the opportunity to re-evaluate the whole project and added additional value to existing evaluation, in the form of additional tokens. 

For this reason, we decided to distribute the surplus from CO2 added value to all PP8 token holders on the cut-off date of the 20th of August 2020.

Every contributor will get additional tokens in the amount of 23.7% of the amount paid. This means, whatever the value of your contribution to the PP8 project will be on August 20th, 2020, you will get 23,7% in a form of additional tokens.

Example: A participant paid in $10,000 US and received 50,000 US PP8 tokens in return. We will add 23,7% to the original amount of money paid ($10,000 US à $12,370 US). That way, the participant will get additional tokens for the amount of $2,370 US. At the price of $0.20 US per token, the participant will get 11.850 tokens (to have them 61.850 all together).

In that regard, each participant will receive a special notification (between August 20th and 30th 2020) about the final number of tokens, for his personal information. The info will be sent via the already established communication channel (SMS, WhatsUp).

We will lock these final values until the transfer of tokens to your personal digital vault (which we will discuss in one of the future announcements).

For this purpose, we will issue a special gold certificate, which will be received by each PP8 token holder within 10 days after the announcement is made (on August 20th, 2020). The certificate will confirm that the PP8 project member has officially and actively approached the reduction of global warming and contributed significantly to global carbon footprint neutrality.

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