After Ten Years
of Testing and Perfecting…

‘Top Secret’, Zero Emission Waste-to-Energy Technology

With 98% Monetization Finally Goes Public

"Given the reviews and expert opinions from the industry masters, PRT is aimed to be a game changer..."


Innovative, highly-efficient, silent, and no-emission waste-to-energy process that finally solves three global problems: what to do with ever-increasing waste, where to get alternative energy, and how to effectively reduce global CO2 pollution.

As experienced scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs, we proudly announce: this vast breakthrough that changes the game is not all there is.

It is just a small part of a much bigger “big picture” behind. Project Phoenix8™ is a “driver” of an innovative Themis ecosystem™ that bounds, connects, and offers a “green deal” for all, on a whole new level.

“If you missed the ´Garage days of Bill Gates, ́ this could be your next chance to make a lot of money...”
Jorgen Nielsen, MTS INVEST, Global Green Investments, EU - Denmark
”Given the reviews and expert opinions from the industry masters, PRT™ is aimed to be a game-changer…”
University of Oxford (blog), one of the world’s most prestigious universities, EU – United Kingdom
“We are ready to see how this technology will help shape Abu Dhabi.”
Abdulla J. Al Nowais, Al Nowais Group, Abu Dhabi
“Product Reincarnation Technology™ is an ingenious invention... a breakthrough that puts all previously known in the shade.”
Josef Kluy, multi-billion company BluechemGROUP, EU – Germany


Project PHEONIX8™ is not just innovative, game-changing, highly profitable, and clean technology. It’s also a lever – the ‘driver’ – of a much bigger and vast Themis Ecosystem™ whose global goals are set to raise the environmental and community standards.

To fulfill cumulative goals, the ‘drivers’ and all other supporting platforms are connected, directed, and strictly regulated within short- and long-term, micro and macroeconomic environmental and community standards.

Project PHOENIX8™ received a certificate, a ‘golden badge’, that approves the project’s compatibility with the Themis Ecosystem™. PP8’s global contributions are shown in the table.



0 MWh
Green Alternative Power Production
0 tons
Global Warming CO2 Gas Reduction
0 tons
Global Wastes Reduction
0 families
Carbon Footprint Neutral

The values presented above are based on our practical experiences, micro- and macroeconomic business forecasts, considering economic precautionary factors.


Product Reincarnation Technology™, the heart of Project Phoenix8™, was acknowledged and praised by scientists, technologists, investors, etc. They all appreciate its unique features and proven facts:  

• First working and long-term sustainable waste-to-energy technology, ready to clean the planet • Without guessing whether this solution is needed or if it will make money or not • Not an idea but already tested and verified technology • HQ output products • Low-cost process, zero pollution, closed-loop, long-term stability • 98% of waste monetization • Experianced team with more than twenty years of experience as leading authorities in their field of knowledge • A mayor driver of Themis Ecosystem™ with its own Industrial Token™ (iTo™ PP8).

”More than 98% of input material (garbage) is monetized and 100% of input material is ecologically transformed into original raw material, salts, and water, through molecular degradation…”


With ever-increasing pollution by dumping used products in nature, in the waters, and to overcrowded dump deposits, researchers desperately seek a solution to collect and process waste the green way. 

Predictions are that the amount of solid waste generated globally will nearly double in the next decade. A lot of that waste can be used as input material for manufacturing goods. On the other hand, we exploit Earth to get fuel and electricity.

“Product Reincarnation Technology™ – or PRT – transforms worn out and discarded items (wastes) into energy-efficient products, such as fuel, electricity, or even into brand new original products…”


Product Reincarnation Technology™ or PRT™ in short, is an advanced, two-step process that transforms discarded hydrocarbons – scrap plastic, waste tires… – into high demanded products, like electricity and carbon black (first stage), or even into brand new products (second stage), by low-temperature molecular degradation. 

More than 98% of waste is monetized, with no emissions whatsoever. Unique operations are represented by innovative elements: • catalyst system for gen-set exhaust intake • inner catalyst system with a molecular degradation salt contact-spray • all-in-one closed-loop system • a computing contacting times • a final condenser chamber all gas-to-liquid H2O. 

Annually, one process line alone achieves: • reduces up to 150.000 tons of CO2 gas • produces electric power up to 141 GWh • represents high-added-value by $602 US per one ton of tire and $431 US per one ton of plastic wastes.

“The economic, environmental and social objective of this process is to reduce the harmful and increased impact of waste on the global ecosystem…“

iTo™ PP8

To create measurable coherence between solving problems (waste, alternative energy production, CO2 reduction, etc.) and nature, we had to put all the parameters on a common denominator. 

Thus, we have created an exchange product that behaves like an e-voucher but offers much more. We named it the Industrial Token™ (iTo™).

A “new green deal for all” now makes sense. We can produce, measure, and analyze exclusive products for the benefit of the environment. This way, we also boost end-user prosperity because of the absence of middlemen.

“Towards revolutionizing the energy sector, the all-new technology, called Product Reicarnation Technology™, has recently been released…”


Most of the team members have more than twenty years of experience in various fields that are required to run a successful business: industry research, management, development, certification, patents issuing, industry design, working force, chemistry, machinery, software, mainstream business applications, banking, etc.

“When people ask me why I choose exactly these people, I don’t hesitate to answer – because each one of them is a ‘warrior’ with a proven track record of long-term over-achievements.”

Roberto Hroval, the founder

“One of the biggest advantages of Project Phoenix8 is an excellent team of top experts. All project managers have at least a decade of professional experiences in similar projects…“


So far, more than 2.000 global news, educational portals, expert media, and other renowned websites have been reporting about PRT™ and Project Phoenix8™.

Due to extensive global media coverage, we decided to move all articles to a new, more transparent media portal Themis Ecosystem.NEWS. You can also select and read articles by topic, posting date, and other parameters. Besides the Project Phoenix8 news, you can find all articles related to the Themis Ecosystem™ there.


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