"Given the reviews and expert opinions from the industry masters, PRT is aimed to be a game changer..."


Innovative, highly-efficient, silent, and no-emission waste-to-energy technology that finally solves three global problems: what to do with ever-increasing waste, where to get alternative energy, and how to effectively reduce global CO2 pollution.

As experienced scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs, we proudly announce: this vast breakthrough that changes the game is not all there is.

Project PHOENIX8™ with built-in Product Reincarnation Technology™ is part of an innovative system that enables industrial-environmental-community coherence, and offers a green deal on a whole new level.
“If you missed the ´Garage days of Bill Gates, ́ this could be your next chance to make a lot of money...”
Jorgen Nielsen, MTS INVEST, Global Green Investments, EU - Denmark
”Given the reviews and expert opinions from the industry masters, PRT™ is aimed to be a game-changer…”
University of Oxford (blog), one of the world’s most prestigious universities, EU – United Kingdom
“We are ready to see how this technology will help shape Abu Dhabi.”
Abdulla J. Al Nowais, Al Nowais Group, Abu Dhabi
“Product Reincarnation Technology™ is an ingenious invention... a breakthrough that puts all previously known in the shade.”
Josef Kluy, multi-billion company BluechemGROUP, EU – Germany


Five crucial technology innovations • Already tested, built, industrially scaled, and verified • HQ and in high-demand output products • Low-cost process, zero pollution, closed-loop, long-term stability • Process monetization >98% • Energy efficiency >87% • Two fold technology that produces clean & green raw materials or makes input wastes new again • Substantially reduces CO2 gas in the environment • A driver of Themis Ecosystem™ with its own Industrial Raw Material Asset Unit™ • In compliance with Online Industrial Exchange™ • In compliance with innovative Global Environmental Coherence Factors™

”More than 98% of input material (garbage) is monetized and 100% of input material is ecologically transformed into original raw material, salts, and water, through molecular degradation…”


With ever-increasing pollution caused by dumping used products in nature, waters, and overcrowded waste deposits, researchers desperately seek a solution to collect and process waste greenly. 

Predictions are that the amount of solid waste generated globally will nearly double in the next decade. Much of that waste can be used as input material for manufacturing goods. On the other hand, we exploit Earth to get fuel, electricity, or other rare raw materials.

“Product Reincarnation Technology™ – or PRT – transforms worn out and discarded items (wastes) into energy-efficient products, such as fuel, electricity, or even into brand new original products…”


Product Reincarnation Technology™ (PRT™) is an advanced, two-step process that transforms discarded hydrocarbons (scrap plastic or waste tires) into highly demanded products. These include electricity and HQ carbon black (1st stage). It can even transform inputs into brand-new products (2nd stage) by low-temperature molecular degradation. 

Over 98% of waste is monetized without air, water, or soil emissions. Unique operations are represented by five advanced and environmentally oriented innovations.

Operations create substantial CO2 global warming gas reduction, alternative electric power production, and high-added, long-term economic value.

“The economic, environmental and social objective of this process is to reduce the harmful and increased impact of waste on the global ecosystem…“


Project PHEONIX8™ is the “driver” of a Themis Ecosystem™, whose global goals are set to raise industrial, environmental and community standards.

To fulfill cumulative goals, the “drivers” and all other supporting platforms are connected, directed, and strictly regulated within short- and long-term micro and macroeconomic plans, environmental and community standards. 

Its incoming contributions are shown in the table.



0 MWh
Green Alternative Power Production
0 tons
Global Warming CO2 Gas Reduction
0 tons
Global Wastes Reduction
0 families
Carbon Footprint Neutral

The values presented above are based on our practical experiences, micro- and macroeconomic business forecasts, considering economic precautionary factors.


Themis Ecosystem™ boldly solves the most significant environmental challenge we face today and in the future. Its rules, regulations, and goals unite proven green and technologically advanced projects from different sectors. It is an innovative all-in-one solution that enables industrial-environmental, and community coherence.

Project PHOENIX8™ is approved by and in compliance with a Themis Ecosystem™ group (GCCF No.01G and PCCF No.01P) that also includes: Online Industrial Exchange™ (OIX™), Industrial Raw Material Asset Unit (iTo™), MonaLisa Vault™, Biomass Ultima™, We4Next Nation™, John’s Organic Roots™, Zeta Quantum Diamons™, Fusion N900™, Asclepius8™, and coming.

IRMU™ or iTo™

To bring the problem and the solution into global coherence, a new measurement unit was created. It represents environmental-industrial-community impact, driver’s raw materials, CO2 gas reductions, and more. An innovative unit officially named Industrial Raw Material Unit (IRMU™) or iTo™ was designed to fulfill these demanding requirements.

In accordance with the regulations and approvals of Themis Ecosystem™ (TE) and Online Industrial Exchange™ (OIX™), LCA study, micro/macroeconomic short (10 years) and long-term (25 years) study, Personal and Global Environmental Coherence Factors, our company got approval by TE and OIX™ to issue its own Industrial Raw Material Unit (IRMU™), officially named: PP8 iTo™. The defined number of issued PP8 iTo™ is 285 million.


We are divided into primary and secondary teams with more than twenty years of experience in the industry. While the primary team specializes in planning, long-duration preparation tasks, and strategy, the secondary team pushes it toward the goal.

“It is not easy when you step into long-term development of out-of-the-box solutions. When asked how I chose the team for such demanding work, I don’t hesitate to answer. Each of them is a ‘warrior’ with a proven track record of long-term achievements, capable of completing a task and reaching a goal.” Roberto Hroval, CEO & Founder

“One of the biggest advantages of Project Phoenix8 is an excellent team of top experts. All project managers have at least a decade of professional experiences in similar projects…“


The spirit of the times demands us to strive for coherence between nature, industry, and the community. Our mission is to optimize the process and the technology to help that happen. Led by that belief, we invest our energy, knowledge, and resources into technologies for humanity’s practical and evolutionary progress.

We strive to change direction in crucial industries: food, energy, living, waste, medicine, IT/AI, and transportation. We boldly outlined, developed, and launched: tools, technologies, innovations, and platforms that enable us to say: »Let’s Change the Future, Together.«


So far, more than 2.000 global news, educational portals, mainstream media, and other renowned websites have been reporting about PRT™ and PP8™.

Due to more fluent media coverage and the extensiveness of the support programs, we gathered all articles on our united Themis Ecosystem News platform. It covers our work, technologies, projects, charity work, interviews with insiders, and more.


We are delighted and honored that with the increasing number of people joining us, more information about various subjects is required: overall data about Themis Ecosystem™, OIX™, PP8™, Biomass Ultima™, We4Next Nation™, etc., how they operate, latest news, progress, and more. We gathered the most common and frequently asked questions and provided answers.


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